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As I walked through the dark corridor I could see it in the corner of my eye. The ivory of the old frame had maintained its shine and was now glowing through the blackness of the empty space. I placed my hand on where the heart would have been as it thawed your presence that has long gone. Your reflection had yet to fade, palling in the mirror your image is now shaded with the thick clouds of grey fogy frost that has slowly crept in through the open window of my mind. All tinted but the beam of the inhuman eyes, humbling me. I breathed on it to bare you out of the deepest pit, out of the dungeon I imprisoned you. Gently with feather light strokes I dusted your demon like figure as you hovered above me.

I thought of harming your possessed presence, I knew it will set me free, yet I lost all ability to move. This empowered you and made you grasp my throat, restricting me with your white faded, stone hands. I could not resist you, I did not try nor did I want to, therefore I have allowed you to overcome me.

You gently placed the seed of burden in my mined, and as you nourished it you tightened your hold, constricted my gasp, you have created the pressure in me, that watered my eyes and dried out my mouth, as it slowly opened in vain to grasp the bite of the cold, stale air.

I removed my hand from where the heart once was, slowly pulling it back as my stiff finger ends brushed against your broken silhouette. The fog with an air of mist slowly creped back through the open window, leaving me collapsed on the drenched carpet that was once soft under young tender feet. It caved under our weight and the print of your foot is still but lingering on the embroidered hem.