When you arrive to the hidden emerald gem of Bristol, it will be hard to resist the temptation to close your eyes and inhale the crisp, clean air of this high situated park. Clifton downs is located in the high end of Bristol City, in the south west of England; and although it is surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants and busy roads, the park is a true representation of how the ‘other half’ of the town truly lives, and will display to you the victorian mansions surrounding the southern side of the cliff.

If you are fortunate enough to experience the park on a warm sunny day, it will, in return, reveal to you Bristol’s diverse crowd. From the young and care-free, sun bathing as if the location was one of an exotic nature, and mums with their little ones seeking adventure. To dogs and their owners, kite flyers and pensioners, all enjoying a bit of nature.

The map situated at the Park’s entry will direct you to the cliff’s edge, where you can enjoy the view of the Suspension Bridge, Avon’s gorge and Leigh woods.

Bristols suspension bridge

Bristols suspension bridge

View from the cliff's edge

View from the cliff’s edge

treat yourself to a british tradition and order a 99c flake from the old fashioned ice-cream van, or stroll along towards the little cafe’ that is proudly selling home made traditional cream teas.

Which ever way you go in this park, allow yourself a moment to connect with your surrounding, appreciate this little land of nature in a concrete jungle, and relax.

Experience Clifton the way it should be.